Saturday, February 28, 2015

Looking ahead…and all around

The only deviation in my diet the past couple of days has been about how much butter I spread on my toast at each replicated meal…the Gatorade and tea remain unchangeable.

Perhaps I picked up a bug at the petting zoo, in the overly tepid hotel swimming pool, or from the Porta Potty (glad I uploaded the gross snow pic instead?) at the base of the tubing park visited last weekend with fav bud.
Of course…there is always the random chance of shaking the wrong hand.

And so, as I dream of jelly, and I attempt to erase memories of ‘sloppy’ the pig and a pool full of people that probably used the unkempt johns just before making their grand splash, I challenge myself to delete reminders of the winter hardships as well.
The shovel remains in my CR-V, but my back is feeling better.  The pot holes still multiply, but I’ve only had one flat tire.  I have enough shoe polish and stain lifter left to keep the corrosive rock salt at bay.

I moved from hating scarves to making one my friend. 
I learned how to bond with my son under 5 layers of clothing.

Then forced indoors, I gleefully smoked the fav 12 year old at an arcade racing game and was equally delighted when he handily brought me down playing chess on the rebound.
Yes, the winter was daunting.  Too long.  Too difficult.  Too cold.  Too windy.  Too immobilizing.

As March approaches, I will be hoping for a speedy transition of seasons.  And I know I won’t be alone in wishing for early cherry blossoms.

Before whispering into any night skies though, I need to make sure that I don’t delete the reminder about how challenges at our doorstep can sometimes beat a path to beauty in our own backyards.

© 2015 Christopher’s Views
And as Leonard Nimoy would add, “live long and prosper”.


  1. Nice to see you posting, Christopher. I'm anxiously awaiting spring also. But I hope you're feeling much better before too long.

  2. Yes, it is good to see you posting indeed, and as always, I appreciate your stopping by my blog. I do sympathize and hope you're feeling much better SOON!! We've had an unbelievably mild winter and I'm surely not complaining!! Take care, have a good new week. Enjoy!!

  3. Hope you're feeling better! I'm into my second heavy head cold, but over here, our snow has more or less melted...

  4. Yes, so good to see you posting again. You have been missed!
    We've had another unusually mild winter here, have had no snow for two years what's the betting we'll have to pay for it with another wet summer...?
    I do so hope you feel much better soon. Some of these colds can really drag on and make you feel weak and low...:/

    Have a great Sunday...and thank you so much for your visit! :)

  5. The last week of snow and ice has been tough. I am so, so ready for it to melt away and turn to spring.

  6. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I shouldn't tell you this, but just down the street is a blooming cherry tree... That doesn't seem right after the past 30 winters spent in colder climates.

  7. I'm guessing hotel pool! I think we assume chlorine kills everything...not so sure hotels keep their pool chlorine levels in check on a daily basis, though. That can go neglected... Hope you're feeling better soon.