Sunday, January 4, 2015

the calendar’s hullabaloo

Sunday, January 4th 2015, and firmly positioned on the testing grounds for New Year’s resolutions.  This morning’s rain and fog in New York convinced me to head to the treadmills at the gym instead of the hills at the park.  I was a bit surprised that the attendance there was sparse.  Usually it is difficult to get both a locker and my first choice of apparatus in January with all the newly inspired members revving up their regimens and commitments.

But today I got my customary locker and had pick of the best machines.  The faces around me were all regular’s…like a typical weekend morning.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.  For the good, I am not a fan of big crowds.  For the bad, maybe it means a lot of folks are at the pharmacy getting flu medicines filled. 

It’s not my thing to make a New Year’s resolution, but I do like the typical vows that I hear.  Promises to eat healthy, exercise, lose weight, quit smoking, join a book club, join a writing group, write a play, write a book, learn to dance, learn to swim, take up yoga, run a marathon, pray, meditate, go back to school, change careers, ask for a raise, clear out clutter, pay off debt, reduce stress, work on anger, slow down, start dating, skydive and take a vacation.
I’m sure there are some people who make New Year’s resolutions and successfully see them through to fulfillment.  They are probably the people who possess strong will power.
But most of the time when I hear people tell me of their success stories for changes in their lives it does not involve the calendar and most commonly involves the power of positive thinking, putting faith in God, or 'letting go and letting God', visualizing the future or writing down goals.
Resolutions aside, I try to move about my life as best I can with positive thoughts and faith.  Where faith is concerned I do not have an unwavering faith that God will always bring forth what I desire or that I will avoid pain and suffering.  It is more along the lines that I have faith I will be able to find comfort and happiness wherever I wind up. 
Mainly though, the New Year reminds me of the tricky parallel between life and time.  And that while there is often plenty of time for us to achieve our aspirations in life, time can likewise move us by in the click of a finger. 
I have a friend who recites mantras to me almost daily.  One of her favorites is ‘stay in your lane’.  She repeatedly texts and says the phrase as if honking and gesturing at me from behind.  For me, it is a reminder not to get sidetracked by others anger, regret, jealousy, judgment, hate or other malice.
Staying in my lane doesn’t mean I cannot stop, pause or even change directions. 
It just means that the path I choose ought to be plied with happiness, love, friendship and opportunity.

Otherwise, I am just on a bumpy ride with no idea when time is up. 

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  1. I'm not much of one for staying in my lane, I have to admit. But I do think it's a good thing to take opportunities to think about what changes you want to make in your life.

  2. A thoughtful post. I do hope your path is lined with good things this year!

  3. An inspiring post. I, too, have been considering where I'm headed as 2015 begins to take hold. I know from experience than there is no point in my making firm resolutions, because I usually disappoint myself in some way.
    I am not one to stay in my lane, there is so much in life I still want to experience. But I do want to make improvements in my life: become more tolerant, more loving, more focused and more here's to the future!

    Happy New Year!! :)

  4. I like that your friend tries to help keep you focused. I think we all stray from our lanes a little too often.

  5. Thanks for sharing a very thoughtful piece Chris. I like what you wrote about having faith that you will find comfort and happiness wherever you might wind up.
    I tend to be hopeful about life and often forget most of it is completely out of my control! Thankfully I almost always eventually remember.
    I will also admit I did make two resolutions last year that I did stick too - not as perfectly as I imagined, but I did incorporate them both into my life & I've decide to continue both things again this year as well. I guess you could say I'm practicing them, LoL!

  6. I'm not a fan of resolutions; like you, I've noticed this year that the usual Resolutioners aren't there en masse, as they usually are this time of year, so maybe Not Making Resolutions is a new trend. I hope so.

    It does seem that the idea of renewal and a new start could be appealing for you now, though, so maybe think of 2015 that way. It's the start of a good year.

  7. I made one resolution: to read one Allen Ginsburg poem a day. So far so good. You're a brother Chris! Great stuff!