Thursday, September 24, 2015

‘Pope Day’ NYC

For the past few months of summer I have been wearing thin socks to work each day to help keep my feet cool inside the sturdy black shoes I choose to wear unchanging on hot summer days.  On this second day of autumn I went with the thicker cushioned socks even though I knew the temps would make it into the 80s. 

St Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC is at 50th St and 5th Ave.  I had a morning business meeting at 44th St and 5th Ave.  Penn Station is at 34th St and 8th Ave.  I figured correctly that the fastest above ground mode of transportation once exiting the train tracks would be the sidewalk.  And so I walked. 

Seemingly, every active police officer was on duty today.  Every intersection had two cops.  Every sidewalk had two cops.  Subway entrances--two cops.  Open areas, two cops and three national guards.  Dunkin Donuts—Sergeant.  Starbucks—Captain.  Black Escalades abound.

And a bit different was the mood of the city.  People walked rather slowly.  I was more concerned about being relaxed in my pace than being late.  It was day one of ‘Pope Day’.  Why worry…just be…on this fair weather Papal visit day.

My meeting was over by mid lunchtime and I had a 1:38 train to catch.  Throngs of other New Yorkers were making their way for an early exit as well-not wanting to get stuck in traffic hell-hopefully the Pontiff would understand.

Settling in after some Chinese take-out I watched the whole Vespers ceremony live on TV from the comfort of my futon.

As you all know from my writings I am not religious, though I am spiritual. 

I admired the ease and comfortable personality of Pope Francis.  I ignored the obvious that most of the readers were literate but couldn’t read aloud---no flavor or emotion in their spoken words.  I liked the apologies by His Excellency.  I had no particular issue with his homily.  I had no feeling that it would do much to cure the world’s ills either. 

I enjoyed the music.  My attention wasn’t diverted as the Pope spoke in Spanish and the overlay was English, as I understand very little Spanish.

There are only a couple of days each year when the masses act in accord and peacefully.  Christmas and Thanksgiving are among those days.

‘Pope Day’, when it’s Pope Francis (Francis of the people day), is a day when the masses rest, and like Christmas—people think before doing.

I like when large crowds of people can get together in peace. 

I look forward to my run tomorrow morning.  I will pass by my local Cathedral and pray, even though I don’t belong.

I will feel that the world is sometimes as it is supposed to be and I’ll wipe the tears from my eyes.

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  1. He's one of the most progressive Popes ever - and that's a good thing!

    We had similar traffic chaos here when Obama came to visit a few years ago.

  2. Nice writing. I saw part of the vesper's service and the music was incredible. I was in NYC for nine days in June and did a lot of walking and loved it!

  3. I do agree with Ladyfi, He is one of the most progressive Popes and we can surely use more of those!! Always good to see you online, Christopher! Hope you've enjoyed a good summer! Take care!

  4. I'm less a fan of the new pope. Yes, he's more progressive, which is a god thing. But he refuses to address the church's systematic oppression of women. That's not cool.

  5. I'm less a fan of the new pope. Yes, he's more progressive, which is a god thing. But he refuses to address the church's systematic oppression of women. That's not cool.

  6. I'm less enthusiastic about the pope than most. Yes, he's much more progressive and that's great. But he steadfastly refuses to address the Catholic Church's systematic oppression of women. That's not cool.