Friday, May 31, 2013

NY Interleague Play…just can’t beat it down

Of course many of my postings revolve around political issues, hot topics and current follies.  Though, perhaps as a surprise, a worthy blog trivia question might be to ask: what was the topic of the first post in Christopher’s Views?

Hint: When driving in my car, besides occasionally flipping back and forth between right and left wing talk radio for a few chuckles, I tune in to WFAN NY.  

Tomorrow will be fun.  I actually got through to the prime time afternoon program once, back in the Mike and the Mad Dog days.  I was the first caller into the show that day and got in some of my thoughts on Darryl Strawberry.

Anyway…without digression…the lines will be fully lit as fans of the hapless Mets will not be able to get the thoughts out of their heads fast enough to quell their exuberance since just completing a 4 game regular season series sweep of the 27 time World Series Champion NY Yankees.  

Displaced fans will be calling from everywhere.  So much so that if the Mars One project had been in place already I’m sure the afternoon drive spot would take a call on the cell from Mike from Mars.

And it would probably go something like this:

The baseball God’s were NY Mets fans this week.  Sure we know that the Yankees had key players still out rehabbing injuries.  And yes three of the four games were close scores and could have gone the other way except for a play or an at-bat or two.

But three consecutive hits off the great Mariano in the ninth?

Could the mortal Terry Collins, all on his own, channel Ruben Tejada’s pick off blunder into the resolute turning point of the series by kicking around some bases and being thrown out of a game? 

12 strikeouts recorded by Dillon Gee?

Events such as these are not possible without big-time spiritual intervention.  

And what about the slow grounder by John Buck that rolled down the line to hit the exact center of third base?  Spirits…Spirits…Spirits.  

And they were just having some fun while giving payback for the ball they popped out of Luis Castillo’s glove a few years back.

© 2013 Christopher’s Views

Besides some digression I apologize for the loose references that only fanatics may get.


  1. I'm laughing over here because I am passionate about a couple of sports - though they are the type with individuals, not teams. But, having two sons who are fanatical about their Maple Leafs, I get this completely, Christopher. As my oldest son always says, "Doesn't matter if it's ugly or not, a win is a win." :)

  2. ha. i totally miss being in a sports town...tampa was awesome...esp at spring training...baltimore was cool too...cant imagine the interleague games...that has to be pretty awesome between NYY and NYM...

  3. Your post reminded me of the movie, "Angels In the Outfield." I'm not much of a sports fan but I like the enthusiasm of enthusiasts - and tailgating.

  4. Okay, I get that you were talking about baseball (at least I think that's what you were talking about( but I understood nothing!

  5. So I guess that means you are a Mets fan! From someone who doesn't follow the sport at all.