Saturday, May 11, 2013

first to follow

There is a person among us with an unbeatable resume
She’s a nurse, a doctor, a vet and a shrink
I often see her coach, teach, chauffeur and cheer

She is a fortune teller
And a professor of history

She can play a good cop or a bad cop
And not be seen as taking sides
She is your most worthy critic
And your staunchest advocate

If you could find someone you could trust more
You have spanned the threshold to Nirvana

Her simple sandwich cannot be duplicated
And her kitchen dually serves as a confessional

You will never find a better guide
A more welcoming lighthouse
Or a better pillow

She could requisition a fortune
Yet she lives only for love

And from atop the mountain
She thinks that you are the best

Happy Mother’s Day

© 2013 Christopher’s Views


  1. Beautiful words and thoughts, Christopher, and many of us can only hope that we -- even in some small way -- live up to them. Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I don't think I'm nearly that good a mother, but I do my best.

  3. ah, lovely...great poem for mothers day...i owe much to my mom...and to the mother of my children...they both are strong and loving women...moms are special people...

  4. What a lovely tribute to mothers.

  5. What a wonderful tribute! You hit on all the best things.

  6. She sounds remarkable...what a glorious tribute! It makes me miss my own mom :)

  7. Lovely tribute, Chirstopher.

  8. just beautiful
    ...she raised a good son for sure

  9. Could you lend her to me?
    I never had one of those

  10. Impressive. Very well crafted.

  11. Such a wonderful tribute. Wish I knew her.