Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Manuka honey

I need to commend and thank a very dear and occasional visitor to this site-my sister-in-law. Recently, during a gathering at her house, she introduced me to the wonders of Manuka honey.

I take some basic vitamins, and I suppose I would characterize my diet and nutritional intake as good (very good and excellent being better). My excellent marks come more naturally at keeping up fitness routines and giving myself extra rest when needed. And so I have never given any sustained consideration to what purchases I make regarding my foods, supplements or even indulgences.

Two days ago, however, I was nursing a nagging cold that perhaps was bordering on sinusitis. My sense was that it didn’t warrant a visit to my doctor, but it certainly was a deterrent for any quality time with my wife. Knowing that I needed to take some kind of action, I reflected on the tea spoon of New Zealand nectar that I had skeptically sampled several weeks ago.

I still really knew nothing about Manuka honey other than it could be purchased at WHOLE FOODS. So, at 8 pm Sunday I made the trek. That time of night is usually my dessert hour and the twenty seven dollars I was about to pluck down could have bought a bountiful chocolate concoction, but I remained open to conversion.

Once home again I promptly opened the jar and two teaspoons became my treat. Monday morning, somewhat in disbelief, I woke up with much improved nasal passages. And so it made sense to me to down another teaspoon. All day long I had clearer sinuses and a livelier step.

I just took another teaspoon along with some tea. I am hoping to be officially rid of this bug by tomorrow. I am not sure if my cold was nearing its end, if I am under a placebo effect, or if this honey is the cure. But my prospects of moving from the downstairs sofa back to the upstairs bedroom in the next twenty four hours are looking much brighter.


  1. Wow! I am so happy Chris!!! Yes, it's super expensive, but worth every penny!

  2. I don't know Chris. Just yesterday we were college kids. Now we're posting about Manuka Honey and cholesterol. :)

  3. Lest I become certain I know everything (hahahahaha, as if), I'm glad I keep reading blogs, as I learn something nearly every day from them. In this case, I'd never heard of this honey. NEVER. Now I'm off to Google more info.

  4. I'm right behind Jocelyn. But I want more testimonials from you, Christopher, before I plunk down that kind kind of cash. Sounds promising!

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