Friday, December 12, 2008

what have I learned this week?

back in The Land of Lincoln
Illinois politics...and what were they thinking?
Blagojevich, bleeping and rejecting resignation
Madigan, Jackson Jr. or Candidate X
who will lead the way?
and who will sort out this mess?

GM, Chrysler, Ford, Detroit
Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Alabama
Congressional politics--counterpoint
Big 3 or Big bankruptcy
another eleventh hour bailout score?
or will The White House provide an extended warranty?

still hidden hedge fund fraud alleged
and a mammoth Ponzi scheme has surfaced
record layoffs are announced
useless stopgap measures subsist
as many modified mortgages fall back in arrears
is there a bailout from the bailout?
or is that the next stimulus plan?
I'm getting quite confused

the more that gets revealed...the uglier stuff appears
except for...the emergence of Jennifer Aniston in a necktie.

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