Friday, October 10, 2008

on the mend or toast?

job losses, paper losses
tough times, harsh times
pink slips, severance checks, markets looking grim
record slides, record dives
5 year lows, 10 year rules
pass the cash, check the credit
and sleep on it tonight

red tickers light the day, margins calls steal it away
sharks are in the water
when one buy back window closes
10 free fall trap doors open
flights to safety
day trade wipe outs
breach of contract lawsuits
and bank stocks for Uncle Sam?

Dollar, Peso, Pound
Euro, Rouble, Krona, Franc
Iceland melting down
financial contagion spreads
worldwide summits
worldwide plummets
when oil retreats, OPEC meets

money coaches, money shrinks
evaporating 401k advice
skip the latte, skip the cruise
chill out, take life in stride
go enjoy the weekend
and repeat the 10 year rule

nervous investors, bewildered advisors
funds in the tank, tuition payment pain
mad as hell
ring that damn closing bell
running on empty
running for office
who's to blame?
who's in the mood?
why not double down?

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