Sunday, August 21, 2016

my frozen

I listen to a lot of Sports Talk Radio.  Among the most common themes of fans is to call in and debate who the top five or ten all time players are in a given sport.  In baseball, Babe Ruth universally comes out on top.  Then there are the Willie Mays vs Mickey Mantle camps and Hank Aaron vs Ted Williams followers.

In basketball there is more debate right from the start.  Jordan or LeBron?  Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell?
And sometimes we look at our own lives and try to pick the best days of our lives.  Sometimes I think it’s redundant…superfluous perhaps.  You know…’my wedding day’…’the birth of my daughter/son’.

I’ve been fortunate to have some completely wonderful days.  I suppose I could go to many days and nights at the beach when young.  Many zany college moments.  My first kiss.  First time I was waved home.
And they are all up there…definitely near the top. 

More in the forefront of my mind though are some seemingly simple days.  Vying for number one is a day in high school when I used my God given speed to catch up with a ball and snare a game winning touchdown while simultaneously tip toeing both feet in bounds.

And though I think I’ve spoken about it before in this forum, seeing the joy in my daughter’s eyes when she finally completed a lap around the block as I followed behind her, without touching her bicycle seat, is a top five moment for sure.

Recently I took a week off to head down to Ocean City, Maryland with my 13-year old son.  It is a very simple destination.  It’s not Hawaii, Paris or the Amalfi Coast.
What I felt though…for me…is that it is not where I am that matters.  It’s where I am in life.

Fav bud has grown into a place that balances maturity and kid at heart almost in complete harmony.  I’m good at trying to hang there.  We played the arcades, the go karts, hydro-biked around the bay, chilled on boogie boards, watched crazy cop shows, Animal Planet and of course scored at Pokémon Go.  We found a great rib place, a great pizza place (with live music), cool sunglasses, tee shirts and had many laughs…especially when I was wiped out at the bottom of the tri-level ramp on the go kart track.
Obviously I am a small cog in the wheel of all these tied together lives and all the lives that swirl around me.  I can’t even comprehend holding back maybe becoming a grandfather, or seeing my daughter achieve her boldest dreams, or my son experience using his talents to the max.  And I dare not tempt the Gods that I would be capable of picking a moment in time to surrender as number one or that I know better the Rhythm of Life and Love.

Knowing all this though…and grateful that I can still wake up and push through a very humid 5 mile run…shaded by the tall oaks along the Cathedrals and large homes that surround me…I would be tempted to pick now.
As I surely cannot predict the future I don’t know if my life will get better or worse….I might be in Babe Ruth territory without knowing it though…and it’s all a very simple life…and I just thought to say…maybe.

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  1. You've had some good moments! No one can predict the future, but we can work towards shaping it in a positive way.

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  3. Gosh, you certainly have led an eventful life!
    But then I guess we all have...if we can only stop for a moment and remember those happier memories, rather than remaining caught up in the difficulties and challenges that every life brings...
    Oh I totally agree with Lady would be wonderful if we could all work together to make a much better future.
    Just think how great that would be...:))

  4. This was beautiful. The simple moments are the best. And so is feeling comfortable in your own skin.