Tuesday, February 4, 2014

greetings from the basement

It is the wallpaper on my phone.
I check on it before I leave for work in the morning and before I go to sleep at night.
I make sure it always has enough water, though I help guard against bloating.
I give it plenty of exercise but avoid overworking it.
I provide for regular check-ups.
I listen to it carefully.  I am grateful to have it. 
I touch it, talk to it, admire it, cherish it and rely on it.
At 43 years old I may soon have to assist it into retirement.
Until then, I am one with it.  As I fend off winter’s austerity to enjoy the beauty.

Everyone—please meet my boiler.

© 2014 Christopher’s Views


  1. Nice introduction. Too bad i do not know what boiler means :)

  2. ha. thank goodness for the boiler eh? esp this time of year......it helps me warm up for sure.....

  3. good grief this has been one winter to finish boilers and furnaces. I read yesterday that if your boiler is older than 25 years...this may be the year it goes to boiler heaven. Our home in Galena has used twice the amount of propane!...we're not talking about pennies here!
    I will light a candle for your friend...but sometimes it's just a matter of time no matter what...but hey prayer does work sometimes..at least sometimes we get the answer we want...
    let us know if and when there are arrangements.....

  4. Nice twist to this! Thank goodness for boilers!

  5. Hello Christopher's boiler, pleased to meet you!
    Keep going, lad; 43 is nowhere near retirement age, you know.

  6. I could surely use one of those!! But then I'm such a wuss! Our weather is no where near as bad as most people's!! Take care and stay warm!!

  7. Coddle it. You may get another 43 years out of it.
    You do realise that all those years ago things were built to last rather than knocked together with in-built obsolescence for a quick turn-around?

    You have a treasure there. Treasure it.

  8. The photo is ambiguous enough that I didn't know what your post was about until the Final Reveal.

    May that boiler hang on at least until the first daffodils poke their head through the dirt.

  9. Boiler? Is that the same thing as a furnace?