Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In search of shelter

After cleaning up some storm debris from our backyard I turned around to find this rabbit on our lawn.  He/she was sitting there looking exhausted and interested only in eating a small apple it must have picked up from a few yards away.  I think I could have walked right up to the fury friend to pet his/her head, as I was not in the least bit scary compared to what the bunny must have experienced for the prior 24 hours.

Several million people are also glad that Sandy has left the neighborhood.  The temporary and, unfortunately for some, permanent moving efforts have begun.  Many people will be without power for quite some time.  Last year, during Irene, we lost power for four days so I was expecting to be without power for a week or more this time.  Yet for some thankfully strange and unexplainable reason we did not lose power in this storm.  Three large trees fell along our block but none hit power lines.  And even though I saw electrical transformers explode out our back window at night, the lights stayed lit. 

Some of the fatalities that have been reported are terribly heartbreaking and tragic. 

The footage of the extensive flooding and property damage is difficult to comprehend.  Evidently it could have been even worse as the eye of the storm moved in earlier than originally predicted and came ashore before high tide.

My heart goes out to all those who suffered losses.

I don’t think ‘surge’ describes what happened.  This hurricane certainly opened my eyes and no doubt many others about how far the Atlantic Ocean can temporarily relocate under the wrong set of conditions.

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  1. I'm so glad to know you and your family are all right, Christopher!! I've thought of you during all of this! Poor bunny!! I bet he was terrified!! Thanks for your post!! Take care, stay safe!

  2. so glad to hear some good news from your end - I think we all need any we can get at this point.
    & so nice to see you are still writing Chris, good stuff!

  3. ugh, i feel for those tht are without right now...esp as cold as it is or will be as they try to fix things up...i think it will take a long time sadly...and the rabbit def is a sad sign of them...

  4. Our best wishes are with you-

    Aloha from Waikiki, my Friend
    Comfort Spiral

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    > < } } (°>


  5. So happy that you and yours are doing well
    poor bunny is right....
    Watching it on the news has been heartbreaking....
    yes...it humbles