Sunday, November 13, 2011

more focus needed

Maybe all the fast food that American’s consume will one day be discovered as the root cause for a decline in intelligence. Perhaps too many Egg McMuffins eaten under the Golden Arches or too many sausage, egg and processed food combos on flat bread, from where America runs, will be lamented as the culprit.

Heaven knows though, seriously faulty synapses are on the rise and trying to generate a coherent thought is on the wane.

As it is, I write quite infrequently here. In part, that is due to poor time management of my leisure moments. Some essays I put forth involve topics that are simple or comical in nature. Some of them are complicated and serious in nature. Lately a growing amount of the issues that perk my interest for writing are genuinely disturbing. Whether serious or disturbing I often acquiesce and post my views in a satirical, nonetheless benevolent manner in consideration of this forum.

Increasingly the task of being compassionate, on my part, is growing difficult.

The Penn State child sex abuse scandal is an example. How difficult, in fact, is it to not get outraged when learning that a 28 year old graduate assistant purportedly failed to intervene or call the police when witnessing the sexual assault of a 10 year old at the hands of a 57 year old former football coach? How can one hold back the ire when the athletic director seemingly lacked the common sense to call the police when confronted with the report? How disgusting is it to hear that the head coach and many others in charge allegedly did little more than trying to pass the buck, wash their hands and move on with business as usual?

How bizarre is it that college entrance criteria’s are supposedly so hard yet for many matriculated students the act of rioting in defense of a misguided coach and in ignorance of sexual abuse did not register as being contrary to a lesson in higher education?

But why would such behavior be a surprise in a world where money and power rule and where if a subject is too complicated to deal with in a 140 character tweet it’s often tossed to the side of the road.

Why would departures from common sense surprise me in the least? We live in a time where viewing the prolonged stare of a man running for president of the United States and struggling to explain simple thoughts that sadly are out of his league is also business as usual.

I sometimes stay away from my computer and the windows in my house to avoid spiraling into a viral variation of Peter Finch’s portrayal of Howard Beale in Network and start screaming how I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore.

Short essays (even if long for blog posts) no longer allow me to fully express my views on many events that occur day by day.

So…I have decided that I will write the predominant volume of my thoughts into a longer form for myself. Who knows…maybe in a year or so I’ll have something worth publishing in print.

I still enjoy this forum. And I especially love to read all of your post’s as well. I’m sure I will be posting some short pieces from time to time. Mostly though, I will be reading when here and writing when not.

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  1. I can only say that as the mother of four -- all grown now, but I remember those days and the thought of any of them being touched and violated by someone like that monster and it being covered up, is enough to send me into a rage these many years later. I am outraged at the cover up all in the name of football! Or whatever their excuse was, it isn't enough! One more example of what our country is coming to and it is sickening!

    Sorry, Christopher, I didn't mean to get so carried away. Your post is terrific and I thank you for speaking out!


  2. Will miss your posts. Hope you drop by my place from time to time, and do let us know what you are thinking. Don't watch the turkeys, soar with the lone eagles!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

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  3. Good post ... I agree with Cloudia ... just soar above it!

  4. Good luck with your writing!

  5. I wish you much luck with your writing. It wouldn't surprise me if you did make it into print, one day. You're right about the venue though. There's so much ugliness out there in everyday news. Blogs are not where I want to read more of the same - at least not beyond a brief rant because I surely do understand the need to vent it.

  6. Christopher, there's room under my rock for you. ~karen

  7. Oh applauding! More focus and more responsibility for all! Best of luck with your writing elsewhere, but from what I have just read, I like what you have produced right here!