Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mid winter reflection

Punxsutawney Phil, reportedly, did not see his shadow on the ground today. Courtesy of an ice storm, however, I did see my reflection.

In the glimmer of the broken glass-like and mosaic pattern deposited on the walkway to my home, I discerned the melancholy state of my being since the longest winter I can remember since 1996.

Besides the cold weather and record snowfalls of that season, I remember losing a dear friend who was still in his mid-forties when brain cancer claimed his life.

So far this winter, in ironic harmony with the harsh elements, the husband of a long and very dear friend succumbed to cancer before the age of 50. As well, a former colleague and friend who broke me into the business that I manage a staff for today died in his mid-fifties while shoveling snow. And there is a good chance that my father, battling his own cancer, won’t make it to the vernal equinox.

I do like to ski. I do enjoy snow tubing. Sometimes, I spontaneously find fun in just throttling up a snow covered hill behind the controls of a 4-wheel drive crossover.

In the recesses of my mind I realize, that in the end, this Arctic shift of cold and power will be the cause of more twisted or broken ankles and dislocated shoulders than of death.

But in the spring, when by the grace of a higher power I am afforded a gaze into a beautiful shoreline sunset, I will remember and wonder of the lives lost rather than the bones broken or of the slopes mastered.

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  1. It does hurt to lose one friend, let alone three and particularly ones still so relatively young! The grim weather certainly doesn't make it any easier! I hold good thoughts for you Christopher, and for the families of your friends. Take care, don't stop looking for the joy that is everywhere, just much harder to see at times like these.


  2. You well honor your friend!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral



  3. It's a winter I shall never forget; we recently relocated to the north of England where the snow stayed with us for an age. Spring can't come soon enough.

  4. So sorry for your losses. The weather doesn't help keep any of the sadness at bay.

  5. Even though the tone is sad, it's always good to see you here again, Christopher. My sympathies for the loss of your friends. The prospect of losing your father must be very difficult - I hope you find comfort in closeness.

  6. I too am glad to see you post again
    Your melancholy being...yes that is how it is when you reflect over loss
    So young these dear friends and your father, I am so sorry you are going through this..
    My own mom fell twice this awful winter..she is on the mend.. It has been longer than usual this winter..hang in there and blog a bit more,
    you help us all in your sharing

  7. I've had enough of winter, snow, ice, rain and high wind.
    Come Spring, come soon.

    The end of winter is always filled with sadness and, at the beginning of newly returning life B. and I always congratulate ourselves on having made it through in one piece. May that be true for you and yours as well as me and mine.