Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh beautiful…

We are living in the midst of continually difficult economic times. The jobless rate officially slogs along at around 9.5%, and there is substantial debate that the true unemployment number is much higher. Interest rates are at, or near all time lows, but few people are buying homes. Hordes of students are graduating from college with jumbo loans and few prospects. More likely than not, what many experts are calling the Great Recession of today, would be another Great Depression if not for the government assistance and social service programs which were nonexistent in the 1930’s.

Our nation is struggling with winding down the war in Iraq, bringing about stability amid the corruption and confusion in Afghanistan, and fighting against home grown terror.

Business owners and residents along the Gulf of Mexico are stuck in the persistent trauma and nightmare caused by defending against the largest offshore oil ‘spill’ in American history.

All this said, and I haven’t even touched on anything beyond page one of the news.

Personally, balancing my commitments to a relatively middle class life style is as stressful as any time over the past twenty years.

Perhaps that is why I am glad to escape into the land of beaches, boardwalk’s, firework shows, BBQ’s, Tiki torches, golf clubs, ball games, and outdoor music this 4th of July weekend.

Along the way, I will see many U.S. flags flying. I will, at times, think of: ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ I will think of the men and women in the armed forces who have and who are defending the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave.’

I will, for a moment, give thanks while I ‘stop and smell the roses’.

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  1. A beautiful post, Christopher, beautiful and sad at the same time. I don't know where we go from here or how we'll get to another level, but hopefully it will be a level up and not another level down. I wish you and your family a wonderful weekend enjoying all the things the Fourth is known for -- fireworks, music, good food, friends and family! Enjoy!


  2. Christopher;

    I'm so glad that I saw your post and came on over to read it.
    I really felt better about things after reading it.
    I believe that we will come though this and maybe(fingers crossed) learn from it.
    I love to read history, and last week, I was reading about our Founding Fathers again. trying to figure out today's mess. Ha ha Adams, Washington,Jefferson and the French women's fav, Ben Franklin, sure had a mess on their hands too.
    I never like it when any one majority rules the land. Far better when they have to work together and find common ground.
    I'm sorry, didn't mean to go on and on...
    Have a wonderful Fourth of July with family, fireworks and hot dogs! :)

  3. That you are continually thoughtful makes every visit to your blog rewarding. For me, because I'm generally a crank about holidays and, as well, any assertion that one nation is superior to another, I tend to spend the 4th looking at all the ways our country isn't fulfilling its original promise. However, you remind me that the day I spent with family, at a lake, on a pontoon, eating good food was all a result of the country I was born and raised in.

  4. A lot of truth in this post, Christopher. I am, and always will be grateful that some accident of birth had me arriving within the boundaries of the U.S. After all, there are a lot of places on the surface of the globe that aren't that fond of opinionated women, and my lot in life could have been a lot worse.

    Still, as much as we need to change, as far as we have to to and as dark as times seem right now we're likely to persevere somehow, particularly by remembering some things equally as important as the state of the world. Like friends, and the good in life.

    I hope you had a great fourth, and may our next Independence day dawn over slightly less troubled times :-)

  5. It does the soul good to enjoy what's positive and pleasant, and your appreciation of that is not going to make the other things worse.

    I always enjoy your pieces, Christopher, and look forward to having more time now to spend reading you. Hope you did really enjoy your 4th!