Sunday, May 16, 2010

on the near horizon

along the ticking timeline

enter a blowout spill

a fireball explosion

tragic loss of life

and a dramatic collapse into the sea

vast surface slicks arise

that are visible

as massive underwater plumes migrate and wander

below our field of view

so maximize the chemical dispersants

roll out a cofferdam

capture an icy methane hydrate clog

and expedite a relief well too

or cut the riser pipe?

surely lay down more oil booms

alas for now and mucho kudos

to the gigantic straw

sea turtles, brown pelicans, dolphins-

the wildlife may know

what some scientists and fishermen fear

the otherwise unknown volumes of seep

and what could a hurricane season bestow?

energy execs and some politicians may hope

for a chance to spin the risk

of oil, gas and coal

verse expansion of solar or hydro

geo, bio, wind and more

and of waste or want

of course

along the ticking timeline

enter a chance to choose

the risk and path ahead

and beat to the drum of ‘drill, baby, drill!’

or sound the alarm of-think, baby, think!

© 2010 Christopher’s Views


  1. Superb and unfortunately all too true! When do we learn???? It is so time for us to, think baby think! Hope your week goes well, Christopher!


  2. yes,
    Best wishes!
    i enjoyed reading your poem!

  3. Christopher, this is wonderful - and so sad.
    I share your pain. We never do learn it seems.

  4. Sad but true. Expressed poignantly. We're paying for our own demise. In continuing in the same vein, it is not 'if' but 'when'.

  5. Thank you. I'm glad it's not only people on the Gulf that care about this. The first dead dolphins have washed ashore. They've discovered a vast underwater oil plume, and now say that millions more gallons have been released than previously reported. It's only a matter of time - and not much of it - until the oil reaches all of the gulf shores. A hurricane would be devastating.

  6. My greatest compliment here is couched backwardsly: I don't always like poetry; as well, I don't always like reading political/current event pieces. HOWEVER, I really, really like this, Christopher. You are a gifted verse writer, actually using the art of the form to make your points more pointedly. Well done.

  7. Christopher, good name! I have a brother and a son with the same. I wrote a poem about this very subject also. Sure wish the words could heal the wounds. How will we ever heal from this tradgedy! BTW, bobbie directed me here.

  8. So sad and so true. We always tend to "think, baby, think" after the fact. It's such a heartbreak.

  9. yep, humans just never learn, while nature suffers :(

  10. It's all so very distressing. Just makes me feel hopeless down deep.

    I am, however, appreciative of your ability to write fine poetry as well as prose, Christopher.

  11. I'm afraid it's more likely to be "profit, baby, profit" and to hell with the consequences.

  12. Brilliant piece,
    I just don't know why there isn't more uproar.

    Just .....greed baby, greed.