Sunday, April 18, 2010

Microfiction Monday

The picture below is the inspiration and a 140 character limit sets the parameters. Susan at Stony River is the host of this Microfiction Monday. Please click here to check out Susan's excellent site and learn more about Microfiction Monday.

Here is this weeks Microfiction Monday picture and my 'micro' short story.

Okay guys, good input and not a bad template. But we’ll need more cleavage in order to attain the ‘Unload Some Moldy Stogies’ bonus award.


  1. Christopher;

    Wow, now that was creative.
    My brother smokes many moldy stogies, and it made me laugh and think of him

  2. I love it, Christopher! It is so much fun each week to read people's take on the same pic! A great for the day! Have a great week!


  3. ROFLMAO!!! That is so something that you wouldn't think you would hear these three talking about but I love it. So funny. :) Have a great week ahead :)

  4. I think we may need to rethink our campaign. I'm still on the lyrical theme. My micro-fiction

  5. I am in admiration - for coming up with something so utterly removed (to me) from what the picture suggests. Very clever!

  6. Lieber Christoph,

    Herrlich, gefällt mir sehr ...

    LG, Rachel

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  8. If you could overhear the conversations of women, you would indeed be surprised.

  9. lol. stogies- I had to look that one up. a nice picture indeed, one wouldnt think it's a cigar advert.

  10. Well *finally* -- I've been blog-hopping all day hoping someone would (at long last) get to the boobies. LOL

    You really got me thinking, too - how is this picture supposed to sell cigars, honestly? Interesting job for a fiction character, painting cigar labels...

  11. Cleavage, a great asset, if you know how to use it!

  12. More cleavage. Grandma blushes at the thought. There's not much left to the imagination as it is!

    Loved your take on this one. I'm still ROFL.

    My MM: The Break

  13. Geez, you mean leg and clinging material isn't enough?

    I love seeing the same picture through so many sets of eyes...nicely done!

  14. Nice tie in to the cigar wrapper!

    Sorry about the less than admirable 5k...a couple of years ago here (in D.C.) they had the Army 10 (or so) miler. Turns out they had a security issue which caused them to shift the barriers which made the run a different route and distance . . . which really ticked people off because they were hoping to use the times for Boston...which I was glad to see had to proceed without some of the 'famous international names' due to ash. Hooray!

    I did one marathon...thinking about going back to 5ks.

  15. a bit more cleavage is always a good selling point !
    Why didn't I see that? Duh!
    Excellent MM!
    Have you a great week!
    Mine is here

  16. Clever and comic, Christopher. Cleavage and cigars and I'm all out of 'c's...

    Have a good week.

  17. Very clever and funny. Not easy to do with such restrictions.

  18. a good caption wouldn't go amiss either. still giggling at the award title :)